Sehr geehrte Interessenten und Kunden:
Die Marke Calimax wurde von der Firma HS France im 2015 übernommen.

Die HS France verfügt über ein großes Lager an Ersatzteilen.
Bitte schicken Sie Ihre Fragen und Wünsche über die Kontaktseite an uns.
Wir sind jederzeit gerne für Sie da.

Dear Clients:
In 2015 HS France took over the brand Calimax.

A large stock of spare parts is available.
Please send your questions and inquiries via our contact page.
We are glad to serve you.

Chers intéressés et clients:
La marque Calimax a été reprise en 2015 par la société HS France.

HS France dispose d'un vaste stock de pièces détachées.
Merci d'envoyer vos demandes et souhaits via notre page de contact.
Nous restons entièrement à votre disposition.

Gentili interessati e clienti:
Il marchio Calimax è stato rilevato in 2015 dalla società HS France.

HS France dispone di un vasto stock di pezzi di riciambo.
Si prega di trasmetterci i Sue domande e bisogni tramite nostro sito di contatto.
Siamo sempre a Sua disposizione.



The heart of a modern Calimax Pellet Stove is the control mechanism. An integrated room sensor measures the temperature in the room; if the room temperature is lower than the pre-set temperature, the stove ignites automatically.

The pellets are fed into an optimally controlled combustion chamber. An auger feeds the pellets from the hopper into the burn pot. The control mechanism starts the ceramic ignition system. Once the stove reaches a temperature of about 200°C, the pellets ignite. The start phase is complete after about 15 minutes, and the control program switches to the normal heating control mode.

Calimax pellet stoves are able to operate continuously for up to 70 hours – depending upon heat output. The heat setting depends on the temperature difference between the desired temperature and the actual temperature.

The control mechanism also regulates the ratio of fuel to air. Since the fuel quality is defined in the DIN 51731 and Ö-NORM M 7135 standards (size, moisture content, BTU output ...) the on/off operation of the drive motor regulates the necessary amount of fuel. Similarly, the speed-regulated exhaust fan can precisely regulate the combustion air.


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