Heat Exchanger


Technology for the Future

Calimax Pellet Stoves are equipped with a heat exchanger

Heat is transferred from the stove into the room by both radiant heat and convective air flow that can be fan-assisted.

In addition to the air heat exchanger, Calimax also produces pellet stoves with integrated hot water heat exchangers. These stoves are also installed in the living space of a house. In low and zero energy houses, they are the central heating system. The heat is transferred to the air of the room and also to the water heat exchanger. The ratio between water/air output is 80/20.

The complete hydraulic system is integrated into the pellet stove:

  • circulation pump, 
  • return rise, 
  • safety valve, 
  • expansion tank,
  • STB (security temperature limiter). 

The hydraulic system is integrated by means of a connection to the forward and return flow. Ideally, these pellet stoves would be connected to a hot water tank.

Heat is produced only if the temperature of the room or of the hot water system needs to be raised. An external temperature sensor provides the necessary communication between the control mechanism and the thermal storage.